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Hayley Malsom, 21, snapped up The Goblet of Fire, The Order of the Phoenix and The Half-Blood Prince from her local British Heart Foundation in Gloucester for a total of £9.

JK Rowling today revealed new details about the evil kitten-loving witch and Hogwarts Professor Dolores Umbridge from her famous wizarding books. The year of new Harry Potter content continues with news that JK Rowling is releasing three Hogwarts stories in a new format. The short stories will be released as e-books on 6 September. Request (PDF) | Selling Stories: Har.

| Most families in the Western world are aware of Harry Potter, the stupendously successful stories about a boy wizard " who lived. Twitter users have been imagining how Hogwarts might look if it included more black characters. #BlackHogwarts started trending worldwide when users shared their interpretation of JK Rowling's magical school with a more diverse cast. Alex Renton, author of a polemic against these schools, Stiff Upper Lip, points out that like the authors of most boarding-school stories, Rowling went to a day school.

Boarding schools reported a surge in applications in the 90s, which headteachers attributed to the 'Harry Potter effect'. Other Gamers exist and their stories are way worse than his right? Yes and no. Defeat a supervillain as the chosen one? Excellent game choice! Fight hordes of monsters on a journey of self discovery and butt-kicking? Sucks, but not a big problem. Easy to understand those sorts of things.